At the Endoscopy Center we use "high level disinfection" which is the highest standard of scope reprocessing. The Endoscopy Center is designated as ASGE Centers of Excellence which includes criteria for scope reprocessing. Before each scope is disinfected, the disinfectant (Rapicide) is checked for minimal effective concentration, and after each reprocessing it is verified that all the disinfectant cycles have been completed. translate We periodically check our scopes for contaminants after sterilization. Most importantly for patients undergoing procedures at the Endoscopy Center, the infections have only been reported in ERCPs. They have not been reported in other endoscopic procedures such as upper endoscopies, colonoscopies or sigmoidoscopies. This has to do with the nature of ERCP scopes with elevator and other mechanisms that are harder to disinfect. ERCPs are not performed at the Endoscopy Center.