How do you choose a provider? If you need your house painted would you hire a portrait painter or someone who pants houses everyday. The portrait painter may be able to get the job done but the experienced house painter could do it more efficiently, deal with common problems more effectively, and produce consistent results.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (June 11, 21012), the same is true when choosing a doctor to perform your colonoscopy. Patients who have their colonoscopies performed by a gastroenterologist are less likely to die from colon cancer than patients who were either never screened or those screened by a physician other than a gastroenterologist. When compared to unscreened people, the statistics break down like this:

  • Those screened by a gastroenterologist had a 65% lower risk
  • Those screened by a primary care doctor had a 57% lower risk
  • Those screened by a surgeon had a 45% lower risk

Why? When you do something everyday, you get good at it. Gastroenterologist are more likely to see small precancerous polyps and remove them completely. You should know that you have the right to request a gastroenterologist when you are being advised to have a colonoscopy. If you live in the greater Asheville, North Carolina area, please request a physician at Asheville Gastroenterology Associates.