When we eat carbohydrates they may be doing more harm than just adding to our waistlines! A very preliminary study has shown that carbs are broken down into metabolites by a very specific gut-bacteria. These metabolites form cells that adhere to the walls of the colon and can become polyps. Polyps are the growths in the intestine that are removed during a colonoscopy. If not found during a screening test, they can become malignant, and over time, spread beyond the walls of the colon. The reduction of the rate of colon cancer diagnoses in the US is a direct result of so many Americans receiving colonoscopies as part of their regular healthcare. When found early, colon cancer has a 90% cure rate. It is important to note that this should be considered preliminary - many more studies will be necessary to determine the ramifications of these initial findings. But many previous studies have indicated that being overweight increases your risk for developing colon cancer. For now, you should speak to your physician at Asheville Gastroenterology Associates and determine the best diet that serves to maintain both a healthy weight and a healthy colon. If you are 50 or older, 45 if you are African-American, you should have a screening colonoscopy. Speak to your primary care physician and request one of the specially trained doctors at Asheville Gastroenterology perform your procedure.